Nail the interview

Sales interviews are tough, and they need to be. Hiring managers are looking to see how you respond to the pressure of difficult questions. They are not looking for perfect answers.

The obvious tips

Practice storytelling

Every point made in your CV should have a real example of how you have demonstrated the competency, relevant to the role

Learn a framework to structure these answers clearly and concisely. Keep it simple: What was the challenge, solution, and outcome?

Be an active listener

Interviews are not all about talking. This is a two-way conversation, particularly as you are being assessed on your active listening ability for this role.

 Clarify, enquire, and challenge (where appropriate and respectful). Pay close attention to the question and what information they may be looking for.

Self-awareness is a virtue

Interviewers have seen it all and can spot bullshit a mile off. For this role specifically, you are expected to have gaps in your knowledge.

 Showcase your honesty and coachability, perhaps identifying how you may go about bridging specific gaps in your experience. You will be respected for it.

Use this website to understand what is required to be successful. It has not been designed in this way by accident.

 Interviewing is a skill in itself you must practice. Even some of the best salespeople can be the worst-performing candidates for a role.