Ready for promotion

Timelines for promotion are never guaranteed. Factors like economic climate, headcount growth, and company restructure, all impact this. Timing is everything, so make sure you are the first person in everyone's mind when a role becomes available.

Taking Ownership

Ownership means taking accountability and strategy of some full sales cycle processes, and perhaps even forecasting for lesser prioritised accounts. While balancing requirements for your current role, this is the best way to bridge knowledge gaps for the next stage of your career. Keep in mind, that you may need to ask for this and prove you can manage it. 


You will have correlated that the top-performing salespeople are also phenomenal networkers - both internally and externally. Whether we like it or not, strong relationships can often be the decisive factor in how fast something gets done. This often influences if a deal closes within its forecasted quarter, which leaves lasting impressions both ways...

Your Brand

The brand you have established within your company will determine how hiring managers and directors view you. Your contributions in meetings, the quality of questions asked, and the advocacy from peers, AEs, and other managers all impact your perception. An SDR being considered for promotion will probably be known by first name to most managers.

Pro Tip - The jump from typical SDR responsibilities is huge. Hiring managers will have seen many SDRs make the transition and unfortunately, crack under pressure. 

You can alleviate these risks by demonstrating the requirements for the next role in your current position -, going above and beyond on top of your day-to-day responsibilities.