Your first 3 months

Do not put too much pressure on yourself to be the best salesperson overnight. There is a lot of content to digest in this period - most important here is your work ethic and coachability.

Building Your Foundation

Onboarding is overwhelming. Focus on understanding your company culture and your unique product offering, target audience, and ideal customer profile. Get to grips with some of the tools and processes, making a note of all your questions. You will feel confused - relax, this is normal (and actually a good sign).

Developing Your Sales Technique

Sales methodologies are everywhere. Your team will most likely have one they follow already, perhaps SPIN, MEDDPICC, BANT or something else. They all overlap anyway. To keep it simple, your craft as a sales person, is ultimately your ability to listen, frame and ask the right questions. You can refine this later, just get the basics down.

Organising Your workload

The most frequently asked question by SDRs is "how do I structure my day?". Figuring out the amount of time you spend planning vs. executing for example is not a one-size-fits-all. Leverage your 1:1s with both your manager and the manager of the AEs for guidance on structure and priority. Never come to meetings without an objective pre-prepared.

Pro tip: spend time with the more tenured SDRs and the AEs you are aligned with. 

The experienced SDRs know the tools and processes, while the AEs are seasoned in sales strategies aligned to the accounts that you support them with. It is in the AE's interest to help you bridge knowledge gaps as this will provide them more opportunities to make money.