Your next 12 months

As you gain confidence within the role, expectations will gradually become higher. On top of consistency in your targeted KPIs, there are soft skills that your manager will be assessing you on.

Momentum and Scale

You are able to leverage specific account knowledge and relevant use-cases in your outreach that increase your email response, cold call-to-meeting booked conversion, and LinkedIn acceptance rates. On top of this, your knowledge of tools enables you to automate and scale at much higher volumes in significantly less time - booking even more meetings.

Refining Strategies

You use sales methodologies to effectively manage opportunities and can critically evaluate the gaps in your qualifications to formulate the next steps. Your ability to manage meeting agendas and signpost questions in a mutually productive way, with sufficient concise value proposition enables a much clearer and faster deal process.

Defining Your Vision

With 12 months under your belt, and an advanced insight on the organisational structure, you will have a better understanding of the options available to you. An honest evaluation of: What do you love doing? What are you good at? What is the earning potential? 1:1s are spent with this in mind to form your development plan to achieve your ambitions.

Note - There are a few industry terms used which may be new to you. Please refer to the glossary page for any definitions in need of clarification.