The competencies

Sales requires both art and science, however processes and methodologies can be learnt later. The important things to consider first is the way your brain works.


The number one skill that hiring managers are looking for in a candidate for ANY entry-level role is coachability. Actively pursuing feedback with the ability to action their development areas is a mindset within itself.


Resilience is a close second in sales. Those able to trust in the process and not take rejection or mistakes too personally, will find it easier to remain motivated, finding consistency between the inevitable highs and lows.


The industry of cutting-edge technology is high growth, fast-paced, and often volatile. Working environments, team structures, and market conditions are constantly changing, highlighting the importance of adaptability


It is no secret that a good salesperson is a strong communicator, but it is not enough to be a clear, informative, and concise talker. The best SDRs understand the power of active listening.


Obstacles are everywhere. Those who wait on these, are generally outperformed by those who take initiative. This doesn´t mean acting before thinking, but rather being proactive in identifying potential next steps.


Lastly, the make or break for any salesperson is prioritisation. For most people, the organisation of time spent is the hardest to master. Having an executable plan for maximising the ROI of each day is paramount.

See the page Success in the Role for a deeper dive into putting these into practice.