The tools

Mastering the tools of the trade will enable you to scale both your inbound and outbound activity efficiently, working smarter to prioritise your very valuable time. 

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

The CRM of any sales team is the centerpiece of tracking inbound leads, performance KPIs, and logging interactions on active opportunities. For this reason, it is often essential for the CRM to integrate with the other tools. The main player in this market is Salesforce, closely followed by Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP.

Lead Generation and Prospecting Tools

As mentioned in The Purpose, account research and collection of contact data are vital for deciding who to spend your time targeting. Especially as GDPR restrictions have made this more complex in recent years, there is increasing demand for licenses such as ZoomInfo, LinkedIn Sales-Navigator, Lead IQ, and many more.

Outreach and Communication Tools

Living in an increasingly digital world, there are many ways to engage with people - which can be tough to keep on top of. With tools like Salesloft and Outreach, multiple activity steps like phone calls, semi-personalized emails, and LinkedIn invites can be completed in one system and partially automated for scale.

Each organisation with a successful sales function spend a lot of money on these softwares, because productivity is everything in becoming a successful SDR.